Blood & trade chronicles


Hitting the Beaches

“Fog…......blasted fog – we can bearly see where we are going let alone coordinate a beach landing with 2 other warship”

Inesta pulled open his spy glass and peered into the thick white swirling clouds. “you worry too much for one so young Contessa, these men are ready, the captains have their orders and the fog will hinder the goblins as much as it will us”

Still frowning the Contessa Katerina Di Marichi checked her sword and glanced quickly the stern Paladin standing beside her. “Still wearing your platemail Dascen, are you sure you want to wade ashore like a giant steel turtle”

Yamyra appeared from behind a mast ” I’m not going to be able to come up with much of a song if you drown in the landing Das, maybe some empty water skins, tied to your arms would help??” she muttered with a wolfish grin.

Dascen – the stern – six foot tall steel plated follower of Jascar was glad his visor was down as he mouthed a few silent retorts to his antagonists

--------10 minutes later--------

Dascen cursed his visor being down as the goblin began filling his helmet with runny mud. Overborn by a small horde of the creatures as he leapt from the ship into knee deep muck, he now found himself in danger of being drowned in 1 foot of mud and water. Fotunately it was as this point that he, in a fit of rage, balled his fist and swung a blind haymaker above his head, something connected hard to his metal gauntlet and a meaty crunch dislodged the weight on his chest which helped to pin him.

Someone began a sonorous chant in the distance and the smell of ozone and a goblin shriek released the weight on his legs so now Dascen rolled hard and lifted his head out of the muddy water as he got to his knees. Looking to his right he saw Rynoor, the expedition mage, smile and then animated his staff and send it towards the last few goblins on the beach.

-------—20 minutes---------

Yamyra heard the wistle again from echo around the ruined streets as fleeing goblins stopped in mid stride and charge back into battle, eyes a strange blue shade. Quickly she brought her fingers into action a cast a spell to mimmick what she had heard. Some of the goblins stopped, some turned tail again but enough came towards her to challenge the little halfling bard. She prepared herself, staff in hand, with a tune on her lips that always made her feel courageous. A shadow moved past her and a female Ahlissian mercenary tore the first goblin out of mid leap with a well placed throwing dagger.

“Sod it Gwyan, he was mine – who the hell invited Ahlissa to this party anyway?” she asked with a grin.

“Money dear girl, always the money that invites the like of me, can’t you smell it, hidden in all these ruins” Gwyan neatly tripped another goblin and stabbed it kidneys with the 2 daggers she held.

-------30 minutes-----------



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