Short term tasks (next session)

  • Re-visit Sokol Keep and determine whether it is still inhabited by the spirits of the Paladin of Pelor
  • Get Duncan and his men back to health and confirmed free of infection
  • Deal with the issue of Porphilius Cordona’s guards killing the refugees that tried to board his ship
  • Deal with the issue of Porphilius Cordona living in the Contessa’s Manor
  • Track down the slime-creature that was spotted in the sewers and eliminate it
  • Properly explore the old Glass Factory that is currently being used as a barracks for the Militia (see Glass Factory link)
  • Identify factions within the occupying enemy forces and look for weakensses to exploit

Mid term tasks (next 2-3 sessions)

  • Commence city planning
  • Implement formal justice system including courts
  • Continue exploring the great library of Korovoso to look for clues about the city’s curse
  • Develop plans for accommodating the influx of civilians
  • Send emissaries to Ahlissa and other towns advising of Korovoso’s port status

Long term tasks (beyond)

  • Establish a trade port
  • Locate and destroy the local pirates’ base of operations
  • Eliminate the curse
  • Ultimately reconquest entire city

Completed tasks

  • Secure the south-western corner of the city
  • Explore the Manor
  • Determine what happened to the 5th ship due to arrive
  • Explore the tower on the island that glows green when the mist appears
  • Find and destroy the ‘Thing’ that has infiltrated the city’s soldiery
  • Locate and enter the Great Library of Korovoso
  • Deal with the issue of the mercenary who killed a refugee


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