Phaulkon appears as a powerful winged man, clean-shaven and bare-chested. Among the gods of the Suel, Phaulkon is regarded as second only to Kord in fighting prowess. Though he resides on Arborea, he often visits the plane of Elemental Air.


Phaulkon is the son of Lendor, and fathered Kord upon Syrul. He is a staunch ally of Jascar, Murlynd, Atroa, and Aerdrie Faenya. He is very active, and dedicated to the eradication of evil.


The favored weapons of Phaulkon’s clerics are longbows and shortbows. His priests protect the nests of flying animals, study the clouds and sky for portents, and teach hunting and archery to the common man. They also train soldiers in ranged combat. The priesthood seeks to destroy evil artifacts, or to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. To this end, they often work with other priests of allied faiths, such as Jascar, Aerdrie Faenya, or Murlynd. Phaulkian priests tend to be wanderers, and enjoy dwelling under the open sky.

A typical quote from a priest of Phaulkon: “Victory in battle depends upon archery. The sky is the dome over creation, and creatures of the sky are blessed for freeing themselves from the soil. Take the fight to the enemy; do not wait for the encroach of evil. The ancient devices of war are best left alone, as their use involves great danger.”


Phaulkon is popular in the Sheldomar Valley, especially in Keoland, the Duchy of Ulek, and the Yeomanry. He also enjoys some degree of popularity in Celene. As a Suel deity, it is assumed that the Scarlet Brotherhood also pays homage to him. An abbey to Phaulkon once existed in the town of Restenford on Lendore Isle, but its status is uncertain since most humans were expelled from the island a few years ago.

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