Jascar is the Suel god of Hills and Mountains, though his faith spans all human, and some non-human, races. His symbol is a snow-capped mountain peak. He appears as a dark-bearded man with a shining silver breastplate, and his visage strikes fear into Orcs and Goblins. He is sometimes shown on a great horse or Pegasus, and wields a great hammer which is the bane of all undead.

Jascar always seeks to advance the cause of good, and to fight his hated enemy, Beltar. In this, he is often aided by Phaulkon. Other than Phaulkon and Fortubo, Jascar talks little with other gods and is often perceived as driven and aloof.

Jascar’s followers often engage in cross-country and underground crusades against evil non-humans. They also survey for precious metals and advise miners on how to dig tunnels safely while minimising harm to the environment. If asked to describe their faith, a typical worshipper might say “Hold no quarter for evil non-humans like orcs and goblinoids, and equally hate those who would make the beautiful hills and mountains ugly. Protect the hills and mountains from plundering by evil forces and you will be rewarded with the treasures Jascar places under the earth for good folk to find.”

(Text paraphrased from the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer)


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