On the small island near the south of the city of Korosovo is an old keep. The stone is old and worn, but sturdy – and the keep is mostly intact.

The keep itself is the only significant building remaining on the island. Visitors will immediately understand why it has not been overtaken by Goblins – the entire keep is infused with a magical effect that completely blocks all sound within.

Most of the buildings inside are in good condition, and some have the appearance of being actively maintained. The armory, for example, contains many polished weapons, kept in excellent condition.

At the back of the keep is a large chapel, at the foot of a tower. Precious black marble columns decorate the entrance. Upon visiting the chapel, the party discovered that a powerful group of spirits guard the chapel and tower. It appears that these spirits were ancient worshippers of Pelor, who the spirits call Al’Asran. They appear to maintain a ‘curse’ upon the city to protect it until “That which came here is gone”.

The tower itself shed a green light on the night that the mist rose up to claim the dead. At the moment, it is assumed that the undead travel toward the green light of the keep and tower and join the ranks of those defending the city from some unknown enemy.

Inside the castle armory is a locked and trapped door that appears to lead down to a lower room. It is unknown what lies beyond, but the group have decided not to force the door yet, lest the trap destroy the contents within.


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