Human Races

There are few “pure” human races extant in the Flanaess except in a few fringe areas such as the Duchy of Tenh and the Scarlet Brotherhood. Elsewhere, especially in the central Flanaess, humankind has industrially intermixed to the point that this mix (generally various degrees of Oeridian and Suel) has become the norm. Even so, these are the various known “root” races of humanity:

Baklunish. These are golden-skinned humans, less mixed than the races of the central Flanaess, who dwell mainly along the Dramidj Ocean and plains and steppes to the south. The Wolf Nomads are Baklunish with heavy Flan admixture. Baklunish hair is usually straight, dark, and very fine, and their eyes tend toward green. They have long limbs and facial features, with high cheekbones.
Persian-influenced culture

Flannae. These are the aboriginal inhabitants of the Flanaess, their skin ranging from a lighter coppery hue to deep brown. Their hair tends to be wavy or curly. They have strong, broad faces and sturdy builds.
Similar to American Indians

Oeridian. These people, the descendants of proud horse nomads from central Oerik, have olive or tan skin and any color of hair from honey-blonde to black. The Oeridians founded the mighty Great Kingdom and co-founded the kingdom of Keoland, so their influence on everything from language to culture in the Flanaess is considerable.

Olman. The Olman are a brown-skinned people found mainly in the tropics of Hepmonaland and the Amedio Jungle. Their hair is straight and black, and their eyes are very dark. They have high cheek bones and high-bridged noses.

Rhennee. The Rhennee have olive-toned skin like the Oeridians, but darker, curlier hair. They tend to be short, but wiry and strong. They are a very different people culturally, thought to have originated on another plane of existence.
Similar to Gypsies / Romani

Suloise. The Suloise are pale, some nearly albino, with kinky or curly hair of blonde or red. They tend to be narrow and lean.
Aryan / Celtic

Touv. The Touv have nearly black skin with straight black hair and startlingly blue eyes. They dwell in Hepmonaland, mostly to the south of the Olman lands.

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Human Races

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