While Hobgoblins are closely related to Goblins, they are usually reluctant to admit it. They exist in perpetual war against all other races, believing that “lesser” species are fit only for battle fodder. That said, they are effective at uniting different goblinoid creatures (e.g. Orgres, Trolls) together.

Hobgoblins resemble large, muscled humans, their bodies covered in coarse fur with red-brown or gray skin and red or orange faces. Large males have blue or red noses, and may have beards and male-pattern baldness. Hobgoblin eyes are dark brown or yellowish, and their teeth tend to be yellow. They are lean and tall, averaging six and a half feet in height and weighing around 200 pounds. Their muscles are designed more for agility than brute strength, and they have been described as having almost feline dexterity. They specialize in moving without sound. Hobgoblins can see in the dark up to 60 feet (18 m) away.

Hobgoblins are well-organized, well-trained, and obey a strict military code. They are driven to survive through continuous military conquest. Each maintains a rigid “personal perimeter” that represents both personal space and that individual’s portion of the tribal land. In order to continue constant vigilance over this perimeter, they seek to purge themselves of emotion and superfluous thoughts. Mercy and compassion are considered weakness and individual freedom meaningless. Hobgoblins are mentally conditioned through years of physical and mental abuse to achieve this state.

(Borrowed extensively from the Wikipedia article on Hobgoblins )


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