Short, crude and nasty on the nose. These Korovos Goblins believe that humans and their compatriots are tasty between 2 bits of mouldy bread. The Goblins have adapted well to life within the ruined city and have developed crude tactics and found a number of steel Buklunish weapons to help them defend their turf.

Known tactics

Triple grapple technique – 3 Goblins charge their target, with each assigned a part of the body to latch onto – legs, arms and heads. Once attached, the goblins stab very effectively with their small dagger.

Crossbow Volley – Goblins working in group of 3 each round takes turn in firing their crossbows at a target from a prepared position while the other goblins in the team reload their weapons. Bolts are small and covered in goblin “waste” to make sure the wound festers.


Hp 4 to 6 Str 10 Dex 14 Con 8 Int 8 Wis 6 Cha 4

Armed with small steel Xbow and dagger AC 16 crude hide armour + Dex + Size


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