Rynoor Kelcian

28yrs; 5'7"; 68kg - super good looking (so he likes to think)


LEVEL 2 Wizard

STR 15; DEX 16; CON 17; INT 18 (incl. +2 half-elf); WIS 15; CHA 9.

Quarterstaff +3 ATTACK, DAMAGE 1d6 + 2. Light crossbow +4 ATTACK; DAMAGE 1d8.

FORT +3; REFL +3; WILL +5


Born of noble blood, Rynoor is deeply committed to himself and his own wants and desires. He decided to follow a path of adventuring in order to enrich himself and justify his extrodinary ego. Loves talking about himself, including his many achievements, his skills and his overall greatness, and likes to spend his spare time scoffing at poor people, complaining about the poor people, ripping off poor people and hunting small furry animals. Hates poor people, well-wishers and do-gooders. Other than that, Rynoor is generally a lovely bloke to know.

Rynoor Kelcian

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