Kaycee Hagrigson

Human Barbarian


Level 3 Barbarian

Str 19
Dex 12
Con 15
Int 10
Wis 11
Chr 11

HP 38
AC 16(18+with shield)

Longsword +1
Scimitar +1
Magic Shield
Great Axe
Throwing axes

Chain Shirt +1

Power Attack

Fast movement
Rage (10 rounds per day)
Rage powers – Strength Surge
Uncanny Dodge (cant be caught flat footed)
Trap Sense +1


Kaycee Hagrigson was born an Ulfen in the lands of Linnorm Kings. Son of a Labourer he learnt his hunting from his mother, who was an accomplished ranger. Short of temper and patience he was not cut out to follow in her foot steps he grew bored trying to track animals in the cold north. What he did have was his fathers massive frame and capacity for burden. He would have continued in that field if it were not for the raiders. They took him away from his house and inducted him onto a raiding ship.
He learned some sea craft, but more so he learned to kill. He raided with his crew for a season but left when they made it back to shore with a haul of loot. Buying a new set of gear he met a woman in the long house. She was Sonia, a bountyhunter and needed some more muscle to capture a bandit. She led him to where the bandit and his gang were hiding in the woods. He charged into them raging and swinging his hammer. She by his side swing twin scimitars. They cut through the bandits like chaff and the bandit leader surrendered. They took him back to town and received the bounty. Sonia thanked him that night…
But was gone the next morning before he woke.

Kaycee traveled further south as an axe for hire. He fell in with bandits, outlaws, bounty hunters, sell swords. Anyone that would pay his fee. On one occasion he was working for an enforcer and went to collect a fee from merc captain. Cornering the captain he and the other enforcers listened to the too and fro between their leader and the Captain. The captain asked Kaycee a question “how much is your share of this?” “1 tenth” he replied.
“How about you get a full share and a bunk?”
“You serious?”
The enforcer told him to shut up and get in line
“Yes” the captain replied.
That was enough for Kaycee. Lifting his axe he let the red fill his vision and went to work…
He has been working for Gwyan since.

Kaycee Hagrigson

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