Dascen, Human Male Paladin of Jascar and advisor to the Contessa di Marici


2nd Level Paladin (Lawful Good) of Jascar

Str: 17, Dex: 11, Con: 13, Int: 11, Wis: 11, Cha: 17
HP: 18

Armor Class: 19 (Full Plate) or 22 (Full Plate + Smite)

  • Masterwork Falchion (+7, 2d4+4 or Smite: +10, 2d4+6)
  • Bec de Corbin (+5, 1d10+4, 10’ reach)
  • Composite Shortbow (+2, 1d6+3)
  • CMB: +5, CMD: +15

Saving Throws: Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +6

Skills: Heal +6, Knowledge (Religion) +5, Ride -2 (when in full plate), Intimidate +5, Perception +0

Feats: Weapon Focus (Falchion), Intimidating Prowess

  • Aura of Good (moderate)
  • Detect Evil
  • Smite Evil (1/d)
  • Lay on Hands (4/d, 1d6)

Equipment: Cleric’s Vestments, Backpack, Shaving Kit, Small Tent, Healer’s Kit (x10), Arrows (x20)


Dascen grew up in the highlands of Geoff, a country bordering the Barrier Peak range of mountains. His family owned a small estate, a plantation on the foothills of the Crystalmist mountains. The soils of the hills were rich, and the plantation flourished. The only real challenge to maintaining a farm in the hills was the constant danger of raids from the dwellers within the mountains above – giants, ogres and other monsters that would sometimes come down looking for easy pickings.

One of Dascen’s ancestors was the founder of the local militia, tasked with keeping a watch on the local lands and keeping them safe from attack. The militia was trained well, and supported by the local churches of Beory, Jascar and Merikka.

Upon reaching his age of majority (14), Dascen decided to join the priesthood of Jascar, the god of Hills and Mountains. The church quickly determined that, rather than becoming a priest, Dascen’s talents were far more suited to becoming a sword of the faith – one who delivers the will of the church. Dascen was trained to become a holy knight – pledged to protect and serve good, and to rid the world of evil.

It was in Dascen’s last days of training that the invaders from the mountains attacked Geoff. Giants and other monsters from the Crystalmists surged down in an army, decimating all that lay before them. The stretched defences of Geoff were crushed, and the land was quickly overrun.

Dascen planned to join the remains of the Geoff army, hoping to purge his homeland of these invaders, but the church had other ideas. Dascen has been ordered to accompany and assit the Contessa Katrina Di Marichi on an expedition. Dascen has been told that the Contessa is establishing a trading port on the edges of the Pomarj, creating a stable trade route between Keoland and the central kingdoms. This would provide much needed trade and resources to the south-western lands of Keoland and, it is hoped, would allow the kingdom to recover to the point that a concerted effort to reclaim the lost lands of their neighbors, including Geoff, could be possible.

Dascen was asked to accompany the Contessa due to the close ties between the church of Jascar and that of Phaulkon, the Contessa’s deity. Dascen is not interested in any of the finer points of detail – his church has asked him to accompany and assist the Contessa, so that is what he will do. Dascen is aware that the Contessa may not be used to dealing with commoners, so will seek to make sure that she is not forced into petty conversations and negotiations with those below her rank.

Dascen is often harsh with his words, but he is genuinely concerned for the welfare of others and does all in his power to help those in need. He is not a proselytizer of the faith, and does not seek to coerce others to the worship of Jascar. Instead, he prefers to think that the ‘rightness’ of Jascar and related religions are self-evident, obvious to those that are ready to see them. Perhaps his example will allow others to see this too.


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