Contessa Di Marichi

Young noble woman charged with leading the expedition to re-take the port city of Korovoso


Contessa of Sedenna (Keoland) Katerina Di Marichi Ranger 1 (Royal Scout) 1 Cleric Follower of Phaulkon

Str 14 Dex 18 Con 14 Int 12 Wis 14 Cha 16

HP 12 (max first lvl) BAB +1 +dex * AC 18 ( Dex + Chain Shirt) CMB +6 CMD 17

Feats Weapon finesse * Dodge


Daughter of Erlich Derwent Di Marichi.

Katerina served in the Keoland Mounted Royal Scout Company for the last year of the Greyhawk Wars. It was here she meet Sergio Inesta a captain of some reputation who mentored her into a efficient swordswoman and scout. The Contessa is considered to wild for polite society and has volunteered for a number of trading expedition into dangerous country since wars end.

His Peerless Majesty, Kimbertos Skotti, has recognised her desire to forge her own reputation and has granted her enough funds to mount a expedition to the ruins of Korovoso. Long since thought uninhabitable due to a strange sleeping sickness which plagued previous inhabitants, recent reports claim the curse is lifted and that goblinoids now infest the ruins. Korovoso would offer a safe port and access to the Sea of Gearnat if a colony can be established. This would allow direct competion with the Scarlet Brotherhood held city of Scant.

Contessa Di Marichi

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