Blood & trade chronicles

The Manor - Day 1 +4 hours

Rynoor stood in the corridor as the 2 Ahlissian mercs forced their way into a well appointed bedroom. He thought it strange that such a luxurious room would be found in a run down manor that must have served as an Asylum at some time in Korovoso past. The goblins had given this place a wide berth with of the exception of the 2 goblin corpses which lay desiccated on the front entry way.

The mage move to the door and could now see the mercs ransacking the room, their search for anything of value was insatiable. Another door in a darkened corner of the corridor creaked opened and Rynoor spun around as Dascen drew his sword and hissed a warning “Something in there is particularly foul, be ready” Rynoor scrambled to find some suitable spell components as he turned to warn the looting mercs and was surprised to see them standing by a chest, transfixed by a magical rune glowing on the underside of the lid. Rynoor threw himself to the right of the doorway, arms covering his head.

The explosion sent great gouts of flame into the corridor, not to mention 2 Ahlissian mercs, flying and on fire, whom upon thundering into the far corridor wall immediately begun patting out their burning uniforms. Further down the corridor a strange elderly man dress in nothing but a straight jacket stepped out of the darkened doorway, Dascen began a small prayer to his God and pointed his sword squarely at the old mans chest.

Things went downhill rapidly as Rynoor got to his feet. The manor was now on fire and whatever of interest was in the well appointed bedroom was burning, Yamira busily casting spells to control the flames. The 2 mercs where injured from the blast and both needed clerical attention although it was Gwyan whom produced a potion to sooth the burns. Meanwhile Dascen was about to cleave a restrained old man in 2, but before Dascen could deliver his overhead blow the old mans head lolled back, his eye turned blue and a 3 foot tongue rolled out of his mouth, then he disappeared…….

“Shit” thought Rynoor “I don’t have a spell for this”



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