Blood & trade chronicles

The Glassworks

Turfing the Goblins out

The interior of the goblin stronghold was chaos. Keolandish soldiers and Ahlissan mercenaries clashed with groups of goblins while spot fires from the flaming arrows smouldered and smoked, obscuring anything more than 20 feet away. Kaisee and Raphael had recovered from their less-than-elegant entrance, and were beginning to clear the way from the room they were in and into the main open area. In the meantime, the Contessa, Gwyan, Yamyra, Rynoor and Dascen had made their way through another window and were pushing further forward.

Yamyra began speaking. “Friends, this is our moment of victory! These vile creatures shall fall before us, as we reclaim this land from their degradations!” Her voice carried through the din, stirring the spirits of the group and driving them on. There was something in her voice – beyond just the words – that gave courage and support to the attackers. Goblins fell left and right as the group cut through them.

It did not take long for the goblin defence to collapse. The survivors fled through an exit to the side, while the soldiers and mercenaries tended to the wounded and secured the area.

“C’mon, let’s go!” said Raphael. “Let’s catch them and cut ‘em all down”.

“Hang on,” replied Gwyan. “Goblins are sneakly little bastards. We’d best check that they haven’t left any surprises for pursuers.”

The Rogue knelt down and carefully inspected the passage that the goblins had fled through. A few feet in, a thin line of wire ran across the floor at ankle height.

“Rynoor? Would you please be a dear and find out what this does?” asked Gwyan.

The group stepped back to a respectable distance, and Rynoor waved his arms in the air while muttering a short incantation. He pointed his finger at the wire, then pulled his finger back as if plucking an invisible string.

The wire pulled back, and a huge sheet of plate glass plunged from the ceiling, shattering on the floor over the wire and scattering thick shards of jagged glass everywhere. Everyone stared for a second, then involuntarily looked around their feet, looking for any other wires nearby.

“Nice,” said the Contessa. “We should really head down there and thank them for that little surprise.”



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