Blood & trade chronicles

Mendors Book Translation by Rynoor

Book of Keepings
Vizier-I Azam Mendor Azizia
Translator Rynoor – Keoland Mage Society

-512c -Spring

I have been summoned to the palace this morn to bear witness to a divine phenomenon . I must discern, along with clerics of the faiths any threat posed when viewed by our beloved Bey Alumi Merkanti. He will be gracing the castle gardens this afternoon, where this “water” has manifested. I have summoned Kirlis to saddle………………………………….

-512 –Summer (Unclear on Baklunis calendar)

The pool does indeed have magical properties and no amount of incense burning, dull chanting religious trickery could reveal in so much. It was I whom was able to determine the nature of this pool. The office of the Vizier-I Azam should have been place in charge. The pool ripples tho there is no breeze, nor fish in its depths, the water is cold, like melting ice, even as the sun beats down upon it. It was my request to have a royal taster drink a broth with it’s water mixed in. The Bey – his mind not yet mature has given responsibility to the court administrator, a fool of a man who sees only gold and silver. This office perceives a danger amongst this pools waters ……………………………………

-513 Autumn (roughly)

At my fervent request, Bey Aluni Merkanti has only allowed those closest to his royal house knowledge and access to the pool. Unfortunately the Court Office has also won a great coup. The Grand Buklanis Council will convene in our illustrious city. No doubt to see the work on our great causeway which will offer a massive boost to the war effort once completed. I’m sure the Bey will be to tempted and this pools existence will be revealed . Security on a magical nature will fall to my office and……………………………

-513 Winter (almost certainly)

The sickness is now an epidemic but the city of Alun Korovo Solqu goes on obilivious. Campsite of our guests stretch into the horizon. No one is concerned unless they or a family member is directly effected, the Black sleep goes on taking lives and our Clerics and their gods offer nothing.

Line to visit the Pool of Radiance (as the common folk have begun calling it) has reached the temple district in the city. Forlorn priests struggle to engage even the beggars with this new fervour sweeping the populace. Only the Pool can heal for free.
Our gods representatives show their fallibilities.

-513 (uncertain – but most likely still winter)

Initially I thought the Black Sleep was brought to our dying city by the bloated unwashed throng of visitors whom had come to gaze and sup from the Pool. Did you realise that many forgo daily bathing rituals after coming into contact with the pools waters – FILTH! I now see the truth, thanks be to my apprentice whom thoughtless spoke out of turn. While I watched him getting flogged I thought about what he’d said about the Pool and where is drew its power from to heal and restore. I began to see the correlation between the pools use and the virility of the Plague. My magical test indeed while potent can sometime hide the truth behind the myriad of facts they reveal .

Of those unfortunates that rise after dying of the Black Sleep, I have discerned a similar patern of magic to the pools signature. Magical divining has always been a passion and this will save our city and the office of the…………… (interesting magical analysis of the pool for 15 pages, I will spare the unskilled – Rynoor)……………………….The bile filled Suloise could not have used a more effective weapon but I doubt those pink apes have had a hand in this.

-513 (28 days later I surmise)

The city burns, the dead rise up everywhere. I, the Vizier-I Azam am afraid to sleep.
Battles rage through the city as groups clash to take control of the pool, they still think it will save them. I tried to explain to a mob, but those in the pools thrall tried to have me burned. Their corpses wont rise, I did not leave enough of their remains in my fury. We now sit in my library, clerics, apprentices and a few religious warriors whom did not give up their faith to the pool. Every man killed now rises. Our militia burn our houses to combat the plague and the dead. Utter madness. Our beloved Bey has fled.

Other city states cannot send us aid in fear of the plague spreading, the Seluoise offensive has drawn away our regular army. This city shall burn for even the wildlands brings forth a host of sub-humans to destroy us. They march to their own doom if they encamp here. We will meet to devise a plan to strike……(pages torn out – may have taken them to the meeting!)

-513 (34 days)

A small team of 8 men will try to infiltrate the castle and break asunder my most precious possession – The Staff of the Vizier-I Azam. It shall be ready and charged and the magic conflux it will cause will hopefully destabilise the pool and either destroy it (Unlikely) or send it back the hell that spawned it (some possibility). At least it will be buried under the castle (more than likely).



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