Blood & trade chronicles

Day 8

While the PCs are away....

Duncan was not one to sit idle while the powers-that-be sauntered off to investigate some old ruin deep in the heart of Goblin territory. He knew there was a significant threat right here in the heart of the human settlement and it was his intention to find it. Splitting his men into 4 teams, they would hunt for any signs of the creature amongst the uninhabited parts of the settlement. He would find the creature before it found another victim……

Duncan watched Garn’s 3rd group disappear from view, ruined stone walls swallowed them up. Garn had volunteered to lead a group and had a keen eye for stone work – perhaps his Dwarven eyes would see something the others might miss. Duncan’s own team was smaller, but made up of veterans from the numerous battles and sieges from the war just past. “Lets move, anywhere you can walk or crawl into – check it!” His squad fanned out and made their way among the ruins.

Tattered, shattered ruins
searching through loveless homes
A bruised sky, screams

“To the east, up two hundred paces, MOVE!” Duncan’s order provoked an immediate response from his men who took off in the direction ordered. As they closed in on where they thought the scream had emanated from, second squad appeared from behind a ruined warehouse heading in the same direction. “Second, move right – flank.” Sergeant Grekas nodded and veered his men away. Another scream, inhuman, sounded and Duncan sneered at himself for shuddering and picked up his pace. “MOOOVE!”

Duncan slowed his momentum as he crested a small rise. Below him was something unexpected and more worrisome than battle. Third squad had found what looked like a woman, but her hand and feet were massively deformed, clawed horrors only a nightmare could possess. Garn stood in front of her with his axe in hand; Blood oozed from his ears and the Dwarf looked none too steady on his feet. The creature was sobbing as her features began to change……..



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