Blood & trade chronicles

Day 1 +2hours

Strong Point


The Contessa crouched behind a broken stone wall as small steel bolts screamed overhead. She called to her captain, “Inesta, order the marines to form a testudo, I want them marching up the street toward that warehouse to draw fire” Inesta grinned and nodded, then ran across the exposed street to a ruined building where the marines where gathering.


Peering over the wall she could see a contingent of Ahlissian mercenaries pinned down behind rubble, one or two lay dead in the street riddled with small bolts from the initial volley. Many where wounded and bleeding, tending to themselves as their healthy compatriots ignored their plight.

Ahead lay a warehouse which had been crudely converted in a strong point for the goblin defence of the city. Windows had been bricked up with mud so only small firing slits remained and tree stumps had been dragged in front of doorways to block passage. Any major cover around the building had been removed so the last 40 feet in all directions to the warehouse was totally exposed.


Keoland Royal Marines with large wooden shields moved out into the street forming the shield-wall. Dascan, Yamira, Rynoor, Gwyan and the Contessa took up covered position behind as the formation began the slow march up the street. The drum beat of bolts striking the shield wall increase and goblins tried to break up the formation but the marines where to well disciplined to break and maintained a steady march.

Dascan grunted as they slowly moved forward. His plate-mail was not designed to move in a couched stance behind the shield-wall. Covered in foul smelling mud, sore form a number of minor wounds and sweaty in his steel skin, the Paladin glanced to his right and saw the halfling Yamira skipping along and smiling with excitement. “You look tired Das, sure you don’t wanna sit this one out, doubt we’ll be able to fit you thru a window anyhow!” piped the diminutive bard.


The goblin attention was now squarely focused on the new threat coming towards them and they failed to notice 2 Ahlissian mercenaries break cover and reach the warehouse wall. Within a few seconds those mercenaries had attached a rope to the roof of the strong point and had begun to climb.



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