Blood & trade chronicles

Day 1 (continued)

What lurks within...

“What is it Dascen?” asked the Contessa.

The squad looked up at the 3-story stone building, the only structure they had discovered so far to have survived the goblin infestation relatively unblemished. A sign hung outside – a green ‘plus’ against a white background. Nobody recognised the symbol, though it bore a resemblance to common healing symbols of the land. Perhaps it was once a place of healing – the bodies of two withered goblins in the building grounds suggested that it might not perform that function any more.

The Paladin’s nose curled up as he stared at the building, and a sour look crossed his face.

“Something evil lives within. Evil and powerful. These goblins,” he said – gesturing at the two long-dead corpses on the ground, “discovered the hard way that evil always turns against evil.”

“Please, spare us the lecture!” said Gwyan. “All I want to know is whether we’re going inside or not.”

“I’m going to need some time to recover from this morning’s activities,” said Rynoor. The Wizard was healthy but had used up his most powerful magic on the beach landing and in combating the squad of goblins they had encountered in the street.

“If you ask me,” said Yamyra, “we should probably wait until we are all feeling a little rested, and perhaps once the rest of the area is properly secured. After all, we don’t want to get beaten up in there only to run into another squad later.”

“OK,” said the Contessa. “Let’s leave this for now and complete our sweep of this area. The other squads from the landing party will be finishing their areas too, and we should be able to secure this part of town in advance of what is sure to be a fun night tonight! The goblins will no doubt counter-attack under cover of darkness, so we should keep a little in reserve for that.”

Dascen stared a little longer at the building, as if he were trying to look through the walls to discover what lay within. Eventually he turned, and followed the rest of the party down the street to complete their sweep of the surrounding buildings.



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