Blood & trade chronicles

4th Night

Garnash Ukto ordered the 1st Company forward towards the silenced keep. Orders had filtered down from the castle that it would be his hobgoblins that would lead the assault this time. He knew casualties would be high fighting the Undead things that lurked inside, indeed many of his warriors couldn’t even harm the creatures with their mundane weaponry.

One of 3rd Company’s messengers arrived. “Oi’ Boss – Rentesh’s company have reached the bridge and scared off a few human scouts, barricades are in place but we can see ’em gathering in force on the other side. Rentesh wants to know if the humans will assault his side or if he should engage them before there’s too many?”

“Tell Rentesh I ain’t a human and I’m not about to guess their thinkings. Fight if they come across the bridge but don’t move against ’em till we gets ordered.” Garnash looked back to the silenced keep where hobgoblins were now heavily engaged with stinking dead things and casualties were high – the second wave would move in soon. Somewhere in the mix of the 2nd company was a collection of clerics, creepy looking Orcs and half Humans in plate armour covered in leering demon skulls.

A voice, clear and direct echoed in his head “Now move the 2nd company inside and drive them to the temple doors. Do not falter; we will take care of the rest”. Garnash raised his personnel banner above his head and barked the order to advance. Whips cracked to help motivate the second wave forward.

Somewhere in the distance a Human horn sounded

Somewhere in the distance a green light begun to glow.



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